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Walk Away a Champion

Sometimes we love the wrong person so we can realize how much love we are capable of giving. They need love and we have the ability to give it. So we are allowed the opportunity to give it. But we take their inability to love us with the same intensity as a sign that something about us is hard to love. We call the whole experience a mistake because we gave more than what we received in return. We regret giving so much of ourselves because we were left in pain wondering why what we gave was not valued or appreciated. Just remember this: the love that you give never goes to waste. And if you were able to love the wrong person so much, imagine how much you’re going to love the right person. Just know when to walk away. When giving them love is hurting your love for yourself, don’t think for one moment that walking away is the wrong decision. You are not giving up on them by walking away, but if you stay, you might be giving up on yourself. 

– Najwa

Published inMy Life Reflections
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