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Who Am I?

Najwa Zebian.Mind Platter. Edits-9306

I am an educator, student and leader in the making.

I am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership. I am passionate about social justice and inclusion.

I truly believe that history has a way of defining who we are at any point in time. Because of that, I am unable to define myself without reflecting on the past that has made me who I am, and I will aim to unravel it as I share my experiences with you.

Some lessons I learned along the way:

– Nothing in life is guaranteed, so you must focus on the process more than the result. The process builds you. The result doesn’t.

– Delve into art because it is the way that your soul expresses itself.

– True love has no recipe. Everyone loves differently.

– Age doesn’t make you more mature or wiser. Your mental growth does.

– Happiness is in your hands and your hands only.

– Outer beauty is just a layer covering a person’s true being.

– You cannot fight fate. What is meant for you will follow you no matter how hard you try to steer it a certain direction.

– Education is the most powerful armor.

 I believe that the most powerful language is silence because it is universal and open to interpretation. That is why writing is my shelter. So, welcome to the world of my mind.

– Najwa

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