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You Are Not My Oppressor

I wrote this for he who shall not be named:
You are not my oppressor.
You are not my ruler.
If speaking the truth makes me a tyrant,
Then let me be a tyrant.
If resisting your executive orders makes me a rebel,
Then I wish to revolt.
I wish to defy.
I wish to say NO.
If standing in the way of your pipelines makes me an outlaw,
Then put your pipeline right through me
Because I will not
Move out of your way.
And if you build a wall in my face,
I will climb it.
Let it reach the seventh sky,
I will shatter it.
Brick. By. Brick.
And it. Will. Crumble.
Just like your ego that is hanging by a thread,
Your wall is built on sand that is quicker than the hail of a storm.
And if you turn me away because of my
Color, because of my
Beliefs, or my identity.
Then turn me away.
But don’t you for a second think that
Pushing me away clears your slate.
If you push me away because I am seeking peace
And safety,
Then you have taken part in killing me.
Does it surprise you that a woman like me is speaking to you the way that I am?
Let me remind you that what’s wrapped around my head
Is not wrapped around my mouth.
So I will not allow the label that you wrap me with
To wrap around my voice.
If the truth hurts you,
That’s your problem.
You may ignore it, but
Don’t you dare change it to “alternative facts”.
The voice of justice will remain
Than corruption.
Your corruption, sir, has turned us into
Your oppression, sir,
Has changed us into oppressors.
But your coldness,
Has ignited the warmth of humanity with us.
So… as a human, I remind you
That strength does not come from gaining power and control.
Strength does not come from building walls
Or hiding behind forts and bans.
Strength comes from being
And as a woman, I tell you:
Take your eyes off of my body.
That’s not where my glory lies.
Stop telling me that my heart makes me weak.
My heart makes the world beat.
Stop telling me that
“boys will be boys” and that it is my fault
If you cannot control yourself around me.
I do not accept less than
“Humans will be humans”.

-Najwa Zebian

Published inMy Life Reflections
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